A Project about reanalysing test norm data


Based on own works concerning new indices about specific formal measurement aspects (see more information about the indices on the next pages) this project was started to apply these ideas on existing test norm data to reanalyse them and to improve the indices themselves. Attention is focused on influencing factors of real test material as well as on theoretical considerations to extent the application area.

Reanalyses are actually performed to test theoretical hypothesis declined from basic work about the Rasch scaled person parameter variances within several Item-Response-Theories.

If you are a test author you can send us your norm data (see Cooperation Info’s and Technical Info’s). Analyses are performed by applying several IRT-Software (WINMIRA; MULTIRA; BIGSTEPS; BILOG-MG, MULTILOG). Your benefit is a cost free analysis of your data, while we are getting another data point in our Test-Meta-Analysis.