Information about Cooperation


The following information is dedicated to persons, who want to reanalyse their test norm data by J. M. Müller. We use this data only to do research about our invented formal test description criteria. To assure good analysis, the data has to meet several criteria:

Description of your data

  1. Your test was developed to measure a trait (or psychological dimension), e.g. intelligence, depression, extraversion, etc.
  2. Your data contains a sum score, as well as all answers of all persons to any item.
  3. Your data contains at least 200 persons.
  4. You have a description of your person sample.
  5. You have an item-key; direction of coding (mirrored or not), and the items are clearly assigned to specific dimensions (or constructs).
  6. You are able to describe the dimensions, and their interdependences.


Non excluding aspects are:

  1. Missing Data not more than 20%.
  2. Skewed raw score distributions.
  3. Data Type.
  4. Repeated Measurements.